Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm trying to imagine how this would translate into cycle-speak

Every now and then one enters a space that reeks of bad energy, sometimes it's just because the veneer is so thin, really just a transparent gloss. That's being harsh, but I couldn't help wondering what the previous sign said. I can only guess that it may have been a little more specific in terms of race, creed, gender, etc.

This I share for your bemusement:

Clearly standards have to be maintained!

Not acceptable on course.
"T-shirts, denim jeans, elastic or draw string trousers or shorts, combat trousers or shorts, rugby-type socks, secret socks, rolled down long socks, sandals, thongs or 3/4 lenght (sic) shorts"

"Not acceptable in clubhouse and verandah
Track suits, T-shirts, bold advertising on garment, overalls, no hats or caps to be worn in bar."

My mind boggles at the thought of someone trying to play golf in rolled-down rugby socks, a thong and a polar (sic) neck designer golf shirt. **@Hurben: They appear to have dropped the mandatory black plastic comb in the sock ;)

At least in the world of cycling the fashion police operate at a different level, but believe me, they operate.

PS Please don't assume I entered these hallowed premises to play golf!

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