Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The story behind the story..

This pic is National Geographic's Adventure pic of the week. Taken by the son of a friend (the friend who has so expertly covered my Ergon grips in leather). Proud Papa.

                                          ..................znamena chlubit se.....................

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How I injured my back...

..by watching this before stretching properly.

A few days ago I was admiring a double flip and now this.

As usual, DC is the root of all this evil.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm clearly on a roll. DC fodder.


Copy and Paste blogging...

Mea culpa, but Gunnar will understand  http://oakwoodlife.blogspot.com/

CUPERTINO (The Borowitz Report) – A new scientific study released today says that iPad owners are less likely to commit adultery “because they stop noticing other people altogether.”
According to the study, commissioned by Apple, Inc., iPad use disrupts what scientists agree are the necessary first stages of extramarital sex: “noticing, admiring, and talking to other people.”
The study, which was conducted on a sample of one thousand iPad owners, found that not only did iPad use make them thoroughly uninterested in extramarital sex, “their nonstop talking about the amazing features and apps on their iPads made them completely unattractive to potential sex partners as well.”
The study also indicated that iPad owners are far less likely to have sex with the people they are married to, but that in two-iPad couples “neither partner seems to care.”
The new findings about the iPad drew widespread praise for the tablet device, including an official seal of approval from the National Association of Housekeepers and Maids.
In Europe, the International Monetary Fund announced that the iPad would be “mandatory equipment” for any candidate who hopes to take the helm of the IMF.
In Washington, presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said that the latest findings about the iPad made him interested in purchasing one, “but first I’ve got to pay off this damn Tiffany’s bill.”
In other political news, potential presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) said today that she was preparing for the GOP debates, including “studying up on where the Boston Tea Party took place.”

Recycling and The Great Rapture

To all of those with the neat little yellow armbands......

Your last chance to recycle them before the Apocolypse. In case you needed any encouragement to rip them off before you're caught at the Pearly Gates with them still in place.....


I hear that sound of the Titanic ....going DOWN.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It got there..........


There's a story behind this. Way to go, Gnome.

All work and no play...well, not entirely true.

Just back from a solid two week stint in the Eastern Cape, interesting, challenging work. Meeting lots of new people and assessing as fast as my on-board processor can process.

Generally a rather sad state of affairs, but it's a long story...

One of many artesian boreholes I visited.
And then the long trip home to sanctuary and proper internet access, where I inevitably stumbled upon this:

No "crabon fibre" here and yes that ball is solid lead. Rumour has it that it's a bitch on the uphill.
 Grateful thanks to the S.I.N. brothers.    

Thanks to the disreputable SIN Brothers I have been scheming...Some years ago, this bit of road gave 70km/h on a 26" mtb with knobbly tyres, with this kind of machine we may just go faster and further. Very and very.Check it out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

If the work is fun, then the fun is really fun

The work is fun, interesting and challenging, demanding. Good to be back in the groove again.

I wasn't sure how much riding I'd be getting, so brought my Peace 9r. Turns out to have been a great call, undulating hills and just the right terrain. Google it.


Spent a good portion of Sunday morning at the Church of the Big Wheel

It involved a few evasive manoeuvres and some gate-hopping, but ended up having paradise to myself. Any thoughts of ducking into the bush to avoid officialdom were quickly erased, this Eastern Cape bush is impenetrable. And the timing was perfect, I met the patrolman just after I hopped over the gate on my way out...;)

Groendal is definitely worth checking out.  -33.704279S  25.269343E

Did I mention that this is winter ?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What else I do

My life, generally dominated by matters bicycle, has another aspect which I don't think has ever been mentioned on the blog....

For the next two weeks I'll be closely scrutinising the groundwater of a small piece of the earth. Actually trying to get a handle on what gives in terms of available groundwater and it's use. It's all part of a much bigger picture which is about long-term water security for the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole.

Get out there and find out what's going on..........
...of course I'm taking a bike ;)

Kevin Davie's Ganna Ride

My friend Kevin passed through here on his 3500km Ganna ride a short while ago.

As I said in an earlier post, it's always an honour to be associated with people like Kevin doing things like this.

Read  the article and then watch the multimedia