Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rudge-Whitworth of yet to be determined vintage

This, ladies and gentlemen, has style.

A Rudge-Whitworth (frame only) rescued from certain death. Sadly not much more to it, but nevertheless this will form the heart of a new restoration or rebuild.

So far I see:
  • Coaster hub (no clutter and cables, clean bars)
  • On One Mary Bars (silver with brown leather gips
  • Wheels (3X rear, radial front)
  • Frame finish (just a gentle waxing so as not to lose the delicate pin-stripes)
Any suggestions?

And, judging by the brass headset badge, this is old.

...because this is what an "old" headset badge looks like...
wpe133.jpg (8657 bytes)

More here

All that said, I would consider trading it for this.....

Rudge 500 cc TV 1927

The ultimate!

Just Ridin' Along

Bike shop owners see some funny stuff, consider this one for a moment..............

In comes customer, clutching this wheel and wearing his best grim and determined, "don't mess with me" look.

"There I was, just riding along and the rim cracked". Thorough rim inspection follows, but no cracks are found. "There, look at that crack" he says, pointing to the rim joint.
A brief interrogation follows where customer is asked why the wheel has new spokes (those are not original). "The chain went into the wheel and damaged the spokes and we had them replaced by XYZ Bike Shop". Whose chain?

"No, but this is a sub-standard rim, I mean look at the crack (again referring to the join in the rim)

OK, so you didn't notice that it was mildly out of alignment, just a teeny weeny bit, just maybe?

And you still haven't answered my question WHOSE CHAIN?

After squeezing the stone for what must have felt like hours, out it comes............" I borrowed my girlfiend's bike without asking her, rode it like an idiot, crashed it hard, taco'd the front wheel (still no front wheel drive bikes here) and now I'm in trouble. Could you please help me?"

Why are people so full of bullshit?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PA Wheelers at it again

OK, I've been distracted....

The second major outing of the PAWheelers, a simple out-and-back on a hot Saturday morning, with one major difference...SPORTING SOME COOL NEW KIT! The Earth Angel knows who she is, and she is roundly thanked!
It would appear that cyclists the world over are the same.....late and disorganised! We set out with an enthusiastic group, soon settling into a rythmn. Nothing major except for a few speed induced falls, fortunately without injury.

Bull was back, this time sporting a broken hand and the same no brakes-no fear bike and attitude. He rode the entire 15km standing as the seat is too high.


Next weekend's outing will be to construct a cycle path around the suburb of North End, somewhere for the kids to "gaan mal" away from the ever-present threat of careless drivers, of which seem to have more than our fair share.

Shuleen Booysen, vuur-en-vlam, the driving spirit behind the outings.