Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rudge-Whitworth of yet to be determined vintage

This, ladies and gentlemen, has style.

A Rudge-Whitworth (frame only) rescued from certain death. Sadly not much more to it, but nevertheless this will form the heart of a new restoration or rebuild.

So far I see:
  • Coaster hub (no clutter and cables, clean bars)
  • On One Mary Bars (silver with brown leather gips
  • Wheels (3X rear, radial front)
  • Frame finish (just a gentle waxing so as not to lose the delicate pin-stripes)
Any suggestions?

And, judging by the brass headset badge, this is old.

...because this is what an "old" headset badge looks like...
wpe133.jpg (8657 bytes)

More here

All that said, I would consider trading it for this.....

Rudge 500 cc TV 1927

The ultimate!


  1. Hmmm - I think the 500cc is my choice. Enough of turning the cranks manually already!