Sunday, May 15, 2011

If the work is fun, then the fun is really fun

The work is fun, interesting and challenging, demanding. Good to be back in the groove again.

I wasn't sure how much riding I'd be getting, so brought my Peace 9r. Turns out to have been a great call, undulating hills and just the right terrain. Google it.


Spent a good portion of Sunday morning at the Church of the Big Wheel

It involved a few evasive manoeuvres and some gate-hopping, but ended up having paradise to myself. Any thoughts of ducking into the bush to avoid officialdom were quickly erased, this Eastern Cape bush is impenetrable. And the timing was perfect, I met the patrolman just after I hopped over the gate on my way out...;)

Groendal is definitely worth checking out.  -33.704279S  25.269343E

Did I mention that this is winter ?

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