Friday, May 20, 2011

All work and no play...well, not entirely true.

Just back from a solid two week stint in the Eastern Cape, interesting, challenging work. Meeting lots of new people and assessing as fast as my on-board processor can process.

Generally a rather sad state of affairs, but it's a long story...

One of many artesian boreholes I visited.
And then the long trip home to sanctuary and proper internet access, where I inevitably stumbled upon this:

No "crabon fibre" here and yes that ball is solid lead. Rumour has it that it's a bitch on the uphill.
 Grateful thanks to the S.I.N. brothers.

Thanks to the disreputable SIN Brothers I have been scheming...Some years ago, this bit of road gave 70km/h on a 26" mtb with knobbly tyres, with this kind of machine we may just go faster and further. Very and very.Check it out.

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