Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Holy Cow meets it's maker

I came upon the shoe article while reading an interesting piece about riding slower . Read the "riding slower" one first, then check out

Given the hassle I am having getting a pair of cycling shoes to fit my (not above average) wide feet, I might just give this a try.

I can't wait for the "Do you think 29ers are here to stay" brigade's indignation.....


  1. Sometimes when I read discussions of bike specific clothes and shoes I feel like how a neutered tomcat must feel when watching a couple of males fighting to the death over an in-heat female. I know I should be interested but I'm just not. When I started riding about 65 years ago it was to get around. I still ride for the same reason because it beats walking. I have never had anything but platform pedals because they can't be improved and work with any shoe or none. I ride in whatever clothing I have on which has been from naked to full on snowsuit. Around here in summer because of the heat, humidity and chance of rain I wear nylon shorts (commando), an aloha shirt (or none)whether I drive or ride my bike.
    Bike shoes - waste of money that could better be spent on beer.
    As for speed 10 to 16 kph seems just right.
    Full fenders, racks, saddlebags, backpack, rear view mirror and chain guard seem about right. I add to that, in a special bracket, an oak walking stick. It's not for walking, it's for redirecting (beating the crap out of) ill-mannered dogs.

  2. Good one.

    The shoe post hit a nerve. Two of my road bikes have downhill pedals on them & I get a lot of comments from the purists.

    They're brilliant, large platforms with studs, the correct cycling shoe is whatever you've got on at the time.

    All of the rest of my bikes, (except for one which is a classic restore so chrome toeclips), have Shimano or generic MTB SPD pedals, so my one set of shoes with clips does it all, off or on road.

  3. @Hurben: Thanks, yes, the platform pedals are really comfortable. Two of my bikes (ss 29r and 1x9 29r) are setup identically with On One Mary bars, Ergon grips, Murray Orthoped saddles. The only difference was that one had a bell in place of a shifter! Now the ss has platform pedals and I'm tempted to go that way on the geared bike too.