Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have you...

.......been to Church recently? Well, you should, because you would have heard this..........

Compare the two versions, the other from Ali Farka Toure's "In the Heart of the Moon" album.

And how was my Sunday morning, I hear you ask? Fiddling with the p.o.s. that is the cable fixing bolt on a SRAM X9 2X10 front derailleur. Fundamentally a crap design. Full stop. Nothing that can't be drilled, tapped and re-built if you have the tools though.


  1. I was at the worship service this morning.

    I'm replace all the socket heads on the new ride with Campagnolo hex heads and chrome acorn nuts. It' stunning how the Paul brakes jump out with chrome acorn nuts. ;-) Pictures at eleven.

  2. One way ticket to heaven you just earned there....polishing those nuts.