Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can anybody out there relate to this ;)

As usual, DC is delivering the goods, thick and fast.

This post got me thinking of the upcoming Freedom Challenge.........guess it's gonna be a busy year in the workshop too.



  1. Hi Johann,

    I'm replying here as opposed to DC. I'm good, we've had one of the worst summers that I've known down under, just constant rain, but we're having an awesome Autumn, getting a lot of cycling in.

    Extremely busy at work & constantly worrying about my daughter in Australia trying to make ends meet, I'm glad that I'm not young in this day & age.

    Great pictures, my father came from Adelaide in the CP, I always imagined retiring there, probably not going to happen.

    On the plus side, went to a Yes concert in Auckland last week, awesome.

  2. Thanks for that, was a bit worried by your absence (or rather that I hadn't noticed you commenting).
    It certainly is a challenging world we live in, pretty much upside down all over.
    Adelaide has probably changed somewhat, particularly over the last 20 years! Maybe you don't want to retire there. Keep your eye on the Freedom Challenge this year, largest field ever and looks like a harsh winter coming. Dikwiel Kommando outing next week, will blog it.