Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where the hell have I been?

Layla Zoe laying it down.
And it's all Gunnar Berg's fault.


  1. My fault? Isn't it liberating to post whatever you want? Canadian isn't she?

    I know where you live, more or less, so I suspected that is the wine you would be drinking. Enjoy. I've been drinking a lot of Argentinian Malbecs and Oregon Williamette Vally Pinot Noirs lately. Do you have suggestions on South African wines to look for? That is, what vineyard is in your glass?

  2. The culprit, in this case at least, was a Porupine Ridge 2009 Merlot. I, who know about as much about wine as I do about bicycles, would rate it as fair. I live near a new and small vineyard (Bergwater) whose 2005 Merlot Reserve was a cracker ..all gone now :(
    I have a friend who is the buyer for a large wine retailer and will ask him for recommendations, particularly those that you you may find on your side.
    Your video posts have introduced me to a whole new range of music which I share with my very musical 10 year old son. Bach on a banjo is just the kind of quirky thing he likes!