Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guaranteed best sellers in South Africa!!!

Every now and then a real gem just pops up to the surface, a bit like finding a diamond at your feet....well almost.
A recent gem was the Voodoo Bantu ( but now, lo and behold we have a real winner.........

Zuma Helmet:
A compact, streamlined design enhanced by a system of 26 vents: Zuma combines the characteristics of a technically advanced helmet with a dynamic, highly attractive look.

Regular Retail: R1300,00

...and that's without the standard shower attachment

Just in case you think I made that up:

I have always wanted to be at the start of a major race, leg cocked over the top tube, nonchalantly chewing gum and sporting the latest Zuma helmet.

Layla, hold me close, I think I'm going to start feeling dizzy. Layla??

Somebody tell me it's a joke. Please.

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  1. I did a little computer exchange rate cyphering and came up with $184. They have one that is twice that! I have a high end Giro I bought cheap at the end of the season years ago. Honestly, I don't wear it unless I know I'm going into war.