Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some steps forward and a little bit sideways

Simple good looks

Spent some hours last night building the rear wheel. Thanks to Julia and Pam for the effort required to collect the spokes and to Essie of Oudtshoorn Fietse for cutting them to length.
Galvanised spokes are offer a substantial cost saving (R1 per spoke and nipple as opposed to R10 for stainless), but there are pitfalls.... the nipples strip.

Anyway, the wheel, in it's raw form has worked well, four cross lacing with the coaster hub. Looks just the part. Unfortunately the uber-cool Conti Speed King doesn't fit in the frame.....bugger. So, I suppose it will be plain black for me. I like the idea.

The bing wheel-nuts are optional!

Graeme Murray is riding across the country to advise me on the bb saga. Looks like we may machine it down to the required dimension to be able to tap it to the standard 1.370 x 24 tpi thread. That will solve a lot of problems, after all, I'm making a ride-able bike, not trying to re-build a 1930's bike to original condition.

Anyway, looking good so far................

I may be able to get a Rudge chain ring, which would complete the picture.
Those bars work!

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