Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Home

A few people have asked what my home looks like, so here it is.

I'll try and show then and now pics.

Dwyka. Don't pass go.

Construction, early 2004

Plastered, not painted mid-2004

Later. Stoep added

Construction detail.

Harry's bed

Kitchen 2009

Living area 2009

Evidence of child labour

From above Winter 2009

The North Wall. Late 2009. Unhappy wall.

The clay pits with water.

The stoep.

The sign.

Entrance late 2009

Entrance now (June 2010)

Clay pits June 2010

North wall June 2010

Stoep June 2010

Front door June 2010

OK. So that's where I live.

If you were very observant, you'll ahve noticed that I can cycle off the stoep and away. The ramp is both wheelchair and bike friendly.

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  1. Nice house, looks warm and cosy for those cold Prince Albert nights.