Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Second Prince Albert Dikwiel Kommando Ride

The second Dikwiel Kommando ride will be held on the
31st of December 2009 and the 1st of January 2010.

Prince Albert to the Gamkapoort Dam. And back. (about 90km round trip)

The format (ever important for the shaving racing snakes) is :

Some sleep.


Thurs 31Dec 2009
Moonrise 19H41
Sunset 19h44
Full Moon 21H14
Lunar Eclipse 21h25

Depart 20h30 from Prince Albert


Other rules and special conditions will be added as and when the organisers feel the urge.

1. Helmets obligatory
2. Lights optional

Above is the proposed T-shirt logo, we just need a volunteer to photoshop the "paddle" to "pedal" and maybe the canoe into a singlespeed 29er. Come to think of it, maybe the river should be a singletrack. Any magicians out there?

After much deliberation and broad consultation, we have dispensed with is the complicated points system used in the inaugural ride. Now it' simply FIFO.

If you think you're made of the right stuff, apply for a slot, you might just get lucky.