Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fifo Riders

Fit In or Fuck Off.

OK, so now you know where the name comes from.

This blog is a clearing-house for people who want to ride multi-day rides.

We don't care what you ride.
We don't care why you ride.
We are only interested that you ride.

The idea came about while talking to Steve Thomas of Daytrippers; so many routes, so many riders, so little time.

I thought I'd put a blog together where people can
discuss routes they have ridden
share route information
put groups together to do rides

For starters, I rode from Sishen to Saldanha along the railway line in June last year. A different ride it was, but ten days out there is quite an experience. I know that not many people would want to do it as I did (unsupported, alone, on a singlespeed), but that many people would like to ride it differently (in a group, with backup, gears, etc) I have a pile of advice, information and contacts to share for that route.

This is the place to put your name on the list, or put your plan on the blog.

Obviously, impeccable behaviour is taken as a given. If that puts you off, then the second "F" and the "O" apply to you.

And if you think we are gender-insensitive because of our choice of photograph, please supply us with an equally tasteful one of the opposite gender and it will be posted alongside.


  1. no, I doubt it - but after 10 days in the desert..

  2. I'm just back from a few days in the Northern Cape. No that's obviuosly not Steven, he has long black hair.
    (The photo was shot about 36km south of Dagab)

  3. I know where the FO bit comes from...maybe our last dikwiel ride?

  4. I have had an anonymous demand for Steve to model for our "gender balancing" photograph. She was adamant that I never ever disclose her identity......but as we all know, everything has a price. Bidding opens here and now. And I don't accept carbon or derailleurs.

  5. Ok, so I am not volunteering for 'gender balancing' photos but there were two Steve's on the 1st Dikwiel ride...tandem anybody? Then again, up for most things ;)

  6. am i the first to notice white socks?that's normally a real no-no.

    this looks like my kinda riding club. Once again too many steves, so i'll just have to be shebeen.