Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm not a chemical engineer after all

Patience. Research. Planning. Determination. They all played a part. As did my fear of messing about with caustic soda.

A dig through the scrap pile up-cycling, artisanal material section, plenty of grinding and here we have it. Crap photo, but how many phone calls have you made on your Nikon D4?

On the left is the bottom end of the seatpost, on the right is the protruding bit of the tool. Just enough of a lip to hook the seatpost. With some serious "pull hammer" action it came out, not without a fight, but gracefully resigned to it's fate. Park Tools take note ;)

Done. Out. Sanded. Polished. The post and it's saddle clamp re-epoxied.

Given the state of the inside of the seat-tube and the fact that I don't need 300mm of seat tube in a farm gate frame like this, it will be shortened.

Thanks to Graeme for the technical advice and to Babble for querying my commitment to the chemical option


  1. At least we were spared the traditional, "Pour a can of Coke down it"

  2. Hell, I'd forgotten the Coke trick ;) I have sawn seatposts outbefore, so not in a hurry to do that again. Now the Palomar will be "pimped" (a bit). Maxxis Larsen TT tyres (tubeless)and a plain rigid fork to replace that HEAVY pretend suspension fork,plus a rear rack with obligatory orange Clover crate.
    My seatpost puller worked a treat. Considering making up a more professional one with attached pull hammer and painted Park Tools blue ;)

    Oh yes, DC has been re-revamped, looks better, but the fires gone out. Maybe one of the louts pissed on it?
    I wasn't going to mention the cricket, so I won't...

  3. I admit that a GT Palomar was my very first mountain bike.

    A tasteful metallic gold number. Turned out to have Shimano shifters but a Suntour cassette so it didn't shift too well.

    Sold it to Swiss staff member who later went back to Switzerland.

    He would not sell it back to me even though I pointed out that was unsuitable as they rode on the wrong side of the road. :)

  4. I was very lucky to get my hands on a right hand drive version.