Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dikwiel Kommando Kettang Oil Now in Stock

Filtered   Unfiltered

Unfiltered is good for 1,3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 speed chains.
Filtered is for 10 and 11 speed.
Not for use in Rohloff hubs.

(OK, so maybe I'm being a bit obtuse...this is the very best organically grown, hand harvested, lovingly cold-pressed, naturally filtered, pure virgin olive oil you can get.) But no way in hell am I going to put all that on the label.


  1. I like your style. Screw all this puffery on labels.

    Between you and I, does it taste better than Squirt?

    Johan Bornman

  2. I am flattered! How on earth would I know what Squirt tastes like? ;) Being conservative rural people , we felt we couldn't use the words "virgin" and "hand harvested" on the same label. So there you have it.
    Miskien moet ek byvoeg "Die keuse van menige VryheidsStryd Ruiters.
    Supply your postal address and I could post you a sample, then you could tel me if it tastes better than Squirt.