Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not stirred, not shaken

Someone posted a comment on Kentsbike  about how small rear blinky lights last so much better if not mounted on a rigid mount. Not exactly rocket science, but something that seems to have been overlooked by most light manufacturers.

Generic blinkies, ready to fall apart.
I have seen numerous of this kind of generic LED light fall off, simply because they can't handle the vibration of being rigidly mounted on the seatpost. The solution is to mount them on your helmet, shirt or backpack (where they also happen to be more visible).

Having recently invested in a front light, I want to prevent it being shaken to pieces on the corrugations. This is the prototype. Hardly rocket science either. Boogie Board re-purposed.

Two storage holes for spare batteries, this torch uses one 18650 at a time, giving more security of light on all-night rides.

Now for some creative routing of the foam, could maybe save five or ten grammes off the weight ;)

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