Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The future has become the present

A while back I posted a piece about the future being root beer.
Well, the future became the present and it's actually golden.

Golden is how I describe this...............

Solid Gold in the Karoo hills
Light, smooth, quick, simple, reliable.....

Not unlike it's predecessor, the venerable singlespeed Peace 9r, except that its lighter, quicker, smoother and geared. And it has front suspension.

I hear the gasps from the haven't...! I have. And I'm actually enjoying it. Setup is pretty much identical to the Peace. Bars, saddle, grips, except that this one has a 9 speed shifter instead of a bell.

Another harsh day on the hostile continent, but someone has to do it


  1. Disk Breaks? very very beautiful and the front suspension makes all the difference.Di