Thursday, October 21, 2010


Stretch is taking shape in an "organic process".

Weld, grind, weld.....

This idea scored top points for creativity, but that's all. Hours of careful thinking removed with a grinder.......

A very late night last night has produced this so far.................

  • Rock solid
  • Rides like a dream
  • Carries a load without a problem
  • Would be lighter if made of carbon fibre

Handles very well with the 15kg load, even placed up that high.

Technical detail: Notice the second gorilla (that was acting as a chain tensioner) has gone, not needed.

Elegant solution, still a way to go.
Action List:
  • Fit plywood deck on rear rack
  • Complete sides of rear rack
  • Tidy up the metal-work
  • Strip and paint (Afrika Korp Brown RAL 8020)
  • Install both brakes
  • Install rear gorilla with a friction clicker


  1. Kind words, thank you.

    The single photo on your 15th of October post played no small role in this.