Friday, March 26, 2010

Seditious stuff

One of the following is a threat to humankind, tell me which one and why. PLEEEEZ



Yup, a danger to society. A serious threat to national security.

Is it:

A: The Liberty fabric pattern on that frame
B: Those heels
C: That gel saddle shloppy cover thing
D: This rakish little number

The best answer wins a slot on the Great Prince Albert Bicycle Safari.

** credit to Bike Hugger


  1. that shloppy squidgy torture device? Those things are so obscene they could be banned.

  2. without a doubt it would have to be numero two. it's the worst of a bad bunch, but the other three you can at least walk away from.

    try walking in those pinks. no wait think of walking in them. you have a cleat and a finger sized spot on each foot, must require new balance to get that right