Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paul de Vivie - The Father of cyclotouring

Velocio's Seven Rules

1. Make your stops short and infrequent so as not to lose your drive.

2. Eat lightly and often. Eat before getting hungry, drink before you are thirsty.

3. Never ride until you are so tired that you cannot eat or sleep.

4. Put on extra clothing before you're cold, and take it off before you're hot. Don't be afraid of exposing your skin to the sun, air, and rain.

5. Don't drink wine, eat meat, or smoke---at least during the ride.

6. Never rush things. Ride within yourself, particularly during the first few hours of a ride when you feel strong and are tempted to force the pace.

7. Never pedal out of vanity, don't be a show-off.

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  1. Good, no, great advice. That should be the RASA rider's mantra unless your name is Tim James.